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Lightweight Lisa Beanie


Our dear friend Lisa Cappuchi has been fighting a long battle with cancer for a while now. Over a conversation, she shared that a lot of medicines cause hot flashes, wigs become too hot to wear, and many of the beanie options available were too warm for the hot flashes, too scratchy for the nerve sensitivities, or just didn’t look great — we thought we may be able to apply our simple Picture This Clothing design experience to her idea of a beanie that better suited her needs. She got excited about creating something that could reach other families, including kids going through chemo, too. Bonus, anyone can wear these, they’re a great “Summer Beanie”!

With Lisa’s guidance we sought to create a lightweight, soft, and comfortable beanie with plenty of slouch to keep it stylish. In addition to meeting Lisa’s goals for her favorite beanie and the ability for anyone to design their own exactly as they want it, we also wanted to let folks include a personalized handwritten message of love, support, or just some words of fun, to be printed in the hem of every Lisa Beanie they create.

Unique Features:

• Write your own special message, mantra, or signature to be printed inside the hat’s hem.

• Your one-of-a-kind artistic design is duplicated on the front and back of the hat for seam-to-seam coverage. Hand made with care in Las Vegas, NV.

•  A percentage of every Lisa Beanie sold will go directly to Lisa to help with medical expenses.

Size & Fit

Check out our hat size chart for specifics on which size to get for your head-circumference. Our hats are soft and super stretchy, so each size fits a good range of head size!

Fabric Care

Our hats are made with the same buttery-soft, lightweight poly-spandex blend fabric as our dresses and t-shirts.

See the “Before You Design” section below for even more helpful info.

The material is prone to “pilling” with extreme wash & wear, if frequently slept in, or if washed in hot water. Follow wash & care instructions closely, and turn ‘m inside-out to wash for the longest last.

– Machine wash cold
– Tumble dry low (hang dry for longest last)
– Iron medium heat
– Do not dry clean
– Do not bleach

Since it’s already been touched by 385ºF heat to get your artwork on it, there is no discernible shrinkage with washing.

While we encourage the use of “Anything you can imagine” there are a couple things that are good to know before you start designing:
• NEON: We currently do not have “neon” inks. While we are able to come close on some colors, neons do often get muted to their closest non-neon color.

• METALLICS: We do not have “metallic” inks. Metallic items can look really cool when printed, but it’s good to know that most shine or glitter effects show up as white or gray and create metallic or glitter effect from a distance but will look a bit strange up close. (Not bad, just strange.) 

We think our stuff works best when you fill the whole coloring sheet up with lots of color and imagination! One of the coolest features is that your design will be printed seam-to-seam, and duplicated front and back – so make use of all that space!

Take a look at our Facebook photo and video galleries to see tons of examples and get design inspiration!

1Print & Design

Print free coloring sheets to start, design them any way you can imagine!

2Picture This Magic

Upload a well-lit smartphone photo of your artwork to place your order.

3Rock Your Design

We’ll send your custom creation back
ready to wear!

Print your coloring templates & get started

GO DIGITAL! Try our layered Pro Templates.

Check out our illustrated templates!

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Care-Invested Details

Made with love in the USA using a high quality, lightweight, soft, and machine-washable fabric. Care instructions are in the hem so there’s no scratchy tags. And a keepsake message is printed in the hem of every piece.

Look at what other designers are doing!

View oodles of real customer examples on our Instagram and Facebook pages!
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Here is how your picture should look!
The picture you take is what we’ll print on the dress. We can fix some issuses but the foundation of a good dress is a good picture!
Photograph our Template, no Scans.
You need to use our template, to use pre-existing art please see this tutorial.
Good Light

Make sure to have a good source of natural light, outdoor lighting is best! Sunny or cloudy it’s the same. No flash is better.

No Wrinkles
Try also not to wrinkle the paper and keep the paper nice and flat on on
Steady Hands
Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!
Good Resolution
All recent smartphones have really good resolution, anything above 5MP will work great.
Nice & Close

Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!

Size Head Circumference
Small Newborn 12"-13"
Newborn 14"-15"
Baby 16"-17"
Toddler 18"-19"
Child 19"-20"
Teen 20"-21"
Small Adult 21"-22"
Large Adult 23"-25"


Outside US order by Nov 29th, Inside US order by Dec 18th.
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