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A Small Team of Passionate Grownups​

Still kids at heart.

Jaimee Newberry


Ken Finney

Idea Guy

Ignazio Lacitignola

Design Things

Amedeo Lacitignola

Shipping Magic

Kimberlee Isom

Shipping Magic

Stephan Schier


Our story

One Winter break my daughter Zia drew a picture of a rainbow dress. When I saw it I excitedly said, “I can make that!” Nearly $100 of fabric and 12 hours of work later, Zia put on the finished dress and exclaimed, “I’m wearing my imagination!”

After seeing her excitement we wanted other children to experience the gift of wearing their imagination but knew the cost and amount of work weren’t practical for everyone. 

After being inspired, my boyfriend aka: “Zia’s Ken” came back with a smile and a big idea to transform kids’ artwork directly into their own custom designed clothes.

Picture This Clothing was born through this story of fun, creativity, and love right in our own home. Thanks to an amazing growing team we are proud to share it with you and your family. We hope you love wearing your imagination as much as we love helping you bring it to life.

With Care & Imagination,

Jaimee Newberry
Co-Founder + CEO
Mom of Sophia and Zia