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Every great idea has an origin story. Here’s ours!

Our story​

In December of 2014, I handmade a dress for my 6-year-old daughter Zia – a replica of a drawing she had done. After spending roughly $100 in fabric and supplies and 12-ish hours across three days, sprinkled in between work-from-home obligations, I had Zia try the dress on to make sure it fit. She exclaimed, “I’m wearing my imagination!” and didn’t want to take it off long enough for me to finish the collar and hem. Her exclamation and excitement was one of the most winning parenting feelings I’ve ever experienced in my whole life! 
I figured if she was OK with it as-is, I was OK with it, too–not really expecting she’d wear it almost nonstop for the next six months.

Everywhere we went Zia would receive compliments on her amazing rainbow dress. When people would ask where she got it she would proudly explain how she designed it with her mind, and that it was the only one in the whole world. After several months of this, my boyfriend Ken said, “You know, you’ve got something here–if we could help other parents and kids experience what you two have experienced with this dress, wouldn’t that be amazing?”

Initially, the idea scared me. It was so much work for just one dress, I couldn’t imagine doing this for multiple kids. After running some numbers we found that it wasn’t really feasible to do what I had done for Zia, at scale, in an ethical way but Ken found a way to simplify the concept. He said, “What if, instead of recreating the drawing, the kids actually wear their original drawing?” From there, the original idea was simplified into an easy process: A print-at-home coloring sheet that could be designed any way a child can imagine, photographed with a smartphone, then uploaded to be handmade in the USA, and sent back ready to wear!

We recruited our friends Ignazio (@menodesign) and Stephan (@stephanschier) to help us bring our idea to life. Ten months later, we had a proof-of-concept website and a local (Las Vegas) manufacturer who could make our orders if we provided print-ready files.

We launched on August 17, 2016 at 6:22am via a single tweet from my personal Twitter account, and later that same day we were blown away to discover, after our website crashed from traffic overload, TechCrunch had written an article about us!

From that moment since, we’ve poured all our heart, time, and energy toward building Picture This Clothing into a viable and ethical US-based business that encourages a creative experience, independent thinking, fun, and a little magic.

With Care & Imagination,

Jaimee Finney
Co-Founder + CEO + Mom of Two

Our Family
Ken and Jaimee got married on the 4-year Anniversary of Picture This Clothing! Aug 17, 2020. Left to right: Sophia Newberry, Jaimee Finney, Ken Finney, Zia Newberry


Overnight success RARELY happens overnight and despite going viral the day Picture This Clothing was launched, the story started long before “it began with a drawing of a dress”. Ken and Jaimee’s combined work and life experience helped them each overcome an onslaught of personal struggle and loss, which led to defining their own path. 

Jaimee shares stories of how–using tools from her 15+ yr career in tech–she found strength after the loss of her brother, mother, and father to work through the darkness of depression-fueled burnout, go on to completely redesign her life into one she wanted to live, then teach others to do the same.

Her stories have inspired and motivated global tech, entrepreneur, self-made, and women-focused audiences for more than a decade. (Click here for a full list of her speaking credits and upcoming events.)

Reach out if you’d like Jaimee to share the full story behind Picture This Clothing, and the tools she used to redesign her path, onto doing the most fulfilling work of her life!

Rich Siegel
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@jaimeejaimee has got the room absolutely riveted right now. #CocoaConf
Oscar Swanros
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@jaimeejaimee I've gotta say, your talk inspired me hugely. You've made an impact on me and I'm going to always thank you for that. ❤️
Aral Balkan
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Excellent talk by @jaimeejaimee #nsconf on how she used design skills to work through burnout. You should ask her to speak at your event.
Aral Balkan
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That moment where a speaker owns their audience... "Through Burnout and Back Again" by @jaimeejaimee at @cocoaconf Columbus #likewhoa
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