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Sell Your Designs!

Every item in your PTC order history will show up in your “My Shop” panel, now you can sell those designs to others and earn a commission!

Setting up your shop is as simple as toggling an “on” switch in your “My Shop” account, beneath any previously purchased item you see.

Your store has its own link, available in your account panel. Share that link like wildfire so people can start buying your amazing designs!

We’ll handle all the order fulfillment and customer service, you can kick back and earn a 10% commission from every sale your store makes! 

A simple way to start selling, right now!

Since you’re working with items you’ve already purchased through our website, you know exactly what your customers are getting and can even share some great photos showing how it looks on a real person! 
One of the coolest parts of selling through your Picture This Clothing Designer Shop:
there’s no need to buy a bunch of inventory up front, hoping to sell it all. If you’ve purchased your design from us once, it will show up in your Shop panel.
Each item is printed only after it’s ordered and every piece is made in the USA.
Orders are handed off to USPS by our team within 10 days, and will ship anywhere in the world USPS delivers, we handle all customer service, too!

How much money can I make?

You’ll earn 10% of the item’s posted sale price.
The posted price is set by our system and covers our costs to print, hand cut, sew, pack, ship and ensure your customers are cared for.
Every single item is made with love in Las Vegas, NV.

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Designs for your shop come from item’s you’ve purchased through our store. Toggle your Designer Shop items on or off through your Picture This Clothing account panel, under “My Shop” and start selling!