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Picture This Dress


Each item made is a one-of-a-kind creative experience designed by you then, printed, hand cut, and sewn with love in Las Vegas, NV.

  • • Includes the designer’s own keepsake signature in the hem.
  • • Your design is duplicated on the front and back, seam-to-seam..

Size & Fit

Kids sizes: 2T-18 | Adult sizes: XS-3XL
Our A-line tank dress sizes are in-line with average US department store sizes. If you wear an 8, we recommend ordering an 8. If you’re not sure about what size to order please email us. We’ll do our best to work with you and answer any/all questions up front so that sizing isn’t a concern before you order.

Fabric & Care

Our dresses are made with a buttery-soft, lightweight poly-spandex blend fabric – the same fabric used on higher-end t-shirts from Nordstrom or similar. 

Because this fabric can be a bit see-through if left white or lightly colored, we highly recommend watching this video about our fabric before submitting your design. Also, see the “Before You Design” section below for even more helpful info.

The material is prone to “pilling” with extreme wash & wear, if frequently slept in, or if washed in hot water. Follow wash & care instructions closely, and turn garment inside-out to wash for longest last of the garment.

– Machine wash cold
– Tumble dry low (hang dry for longest last)
– Iron medium heat
– Do not dry clean
– Do not bleach

Since it’s already been touched by 385ºF heat to get your artwork on it, there is no discernible shrinkage to your garment.

While we encourage the use of “Anything you can imagine” there are a couple things that are good to know before you start designing:
• NEON: We currently do not have “neon” inks. While we are able to come close on some colors, neons do often get muted to their closest non-neon-neighbor color.

• METALLICS: We do not have “metallic” inks. Metallic items can look really cool when printed, but it’s good to know that most shine or glitter effects show up as white or gray and create metallic or glitter effect from a distance but will look a bit strange up close. (Not bad, just strange.)

If your design leaves a lot of white space, please be sure to check out the “Fabric & Care” tab and preview this video.

We think our stuff works best when you fill the whole coloring sheet up with lots of bold, bright color and imagination! One of the coolest features is that your design will be printed seam-to-seam, and duplicated front and back – so make use of all that space!

Take a look at our Facebook photo and video galleries to see tons of examples and get design inspiration!

1Print & Design

Print free coloring sheets, design them any way you can imagine!

2Picture This Magic

Upload a well-lit smartphone photo of your amazing artwork to place your order.

3Rock Your Dress

We’ll send your creation back
ready to wear!

Print your coloring templates & get started!

GO DIGITAL! Try our layered Pro Templates.

Check out our new illustrated templates!

The dress was a birthday present for my little girl. It turned out fantastic and she loved it.
Devon Cox
Devon Cox
18:10 03 Oct 21
Absolutely AMAZING experience!!! My daughter’s artwork turned into a beautiful dress!!! Highly recommend!!!
Sarah Holper Perros
Sarah Holper Perros
01:41 28 Sep 21
My daughter loved her dress for herself and her American Girl doll!! I will definitely recommend and order from you guys again! Thank you!
Stacy Thompson Burger
Stacy Thompson Burger
00:54 14 Sep 21
Super fun product. My 7 year old got this for her birthday and couldn't wait to design and wear her dress. The process was easy, we received it within days and she really loves it. The dress is soft and comfortable. I would definitely recommend and would purchase again. Thanks!
Kena Cook
Kena Cook
23:10 07 Sep 21
So creative and fun!! Great way to make someone feel appreciated and special 🙂
Lisa Chastain
Lisa Chastain
21:01 05 Aug 21
Amazing! We are so happy with the material and colours!
I have one pair of leggings and two dresses from picture this clothing. They are so comfortable and fun to design. The quality and service are excellent. They thought of everything to make the experience special. Even a place for the designer's signature.
Pamela Lanphier
Pamela Lanphier
18:37 03 Aug 21
We bought kits for several grand nieces and nephews. They loved them! So much fun to see the creativity of the kids in designing their shirts! Highly recommended!
Jeff Friedman
Jeff Friedman
17:40 03 Aug 21
Amazing company with an amazing product. Get your kids off of YouTube and into their creative genius!
Keegan Walden
Keegan Walden
14:59 03 Aug 21
Such a great way to express your creativity. A wonderful business run by wonderful people.
Nick Arnott
Nick Arnott
03:35 03 Aug 21
What an imaginative and incredible product. 6 stars.
Adam Leroy Lawrence
Adam Leroy Lawrence
02:07 03 Aug 21
Absolutely love the creativity behind Picture This Clothing. High quality, easy ordering process, and so much fun! We did this as a sleepover activity with our nephews and they LOVED the final result! They wear their shirts all the time. Huge fans of this amazing company.
Kristin Edholm
Kristin Edholm
01:32 03 Aug 21
We’ve ordered several times from them and our products were always as ordered. Correct in sizing and so soft too.
A fantastic way to encourage and reinforce art in the children and adults in your life! Picture this is a Great way to make art have a lasting effect WEAR IT!
We LOVE Picture this Clothing! My daughter had a magical experience designing her own interpretation of a Harry Potter dress and getting to have it come to life for her birthday 🎂🥳
We also made matching mommy and daughter dresses using real flowers in the design process for Mother's day 💗
Our family even had fun creating our own individual gaiter style pieces last year 😷

Everything about the process and the products we received was exceptional! Thanks for a fun way to bring imagination to life in a wearable way!
Tera Sorah Donnelly
Tera Sorah Donnelly
23:59 02 Aug 21
Excellent and magical! An awesome concept executed by an awesome and very helpful company!
Yelena Carlisle
Yelena Carlisle
15:34 25 Jul 21
Fabulous! She drew her moana style dress and loves it!
Lane Dixon Moore
Lane Dixon Moore
20:54 24 Jul 21
My daughter received as a gift….what a wonderful gift it was! The shirt is replicated EXACTLY from her artwork. All the colors, all the designs. Truly remarkable! Love the “designed by” detail on the inside seam! The best part? It is the softest shirt and did not shrink at all. Thank you!!
Erin Kristel Cresko
Erin Kristel Cresko
17:55 12 Jul 21
We had a great experience. Thank you! My daughter loves her new cat dress with her beloved cat Miles. She is using it as a night dress and thinks it is so soft and very comfortable. The software was super easy to use and delivery was on time. Fit as expected.
Beth Wells
Beth Wells
04:36 11 Jul 21
This was Maci’s second dress she designed!
She absolutely loves it….she shows everyone her designs! Thank you for such quality material and fast shipment!
Robin Harrington
Robin Harrington
23:50 10 Jul 21
Such a great gift idea for kids other than toys! Would definitely recommend!
Kristen Hill Gay
Kristen Hill Gay
01:20 21 Jun 21
Wow! My daughter was gifted a dress + scrunchie combo for her birthday. After many designs she settled on the one pictured and we submitted it. The submission process was super easy and quick! I was shocked at how fast they said to expect our order (about 10 days) and we received both items in about a week. The dress and scrunchie are good quality; the dress is soft and comfortable and the scrunchie as well. I would highly recommend this company-especially as gifts!
Bri Sutherland
Bri Sutherland
01:58 13 Jun 21
My three grandkids became the most creative little gremlins when they designed their shirts. Love it
Andrea Dombrowski
Andrea Dombrowski
00:02 23 May 21

Care-Invested Details

Made with love in the USA using a high quality, lightweight, soft, and machine-washable fabric. Care instructions are in the hem so there’s no scratchy tags. And, the artist’s keepsake signature is printed in the hem of every piece they make. 

Play Video
Here is how your picture should look!
The picture you take is what we’ll print on the dress. We can fix some issuses but the foundation of a good dress is a good picture!
Photograph our Template, no Scans.
You need to use our template, to use pre-existing art please see this tutorial.
Good Light

Make sure to have a good source of natural light, outdoor lighting is best! Sunny or cloudy it’s the same. No flash is better.

No Wrinkles
Try also not to wrinkle the paper and keep the paper nice and flat on on
Steady Hands
Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!
Good Resolution
All recent smartphones have really good resolution, anything above 5MP will work great.
Nice & Close

Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!