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$49 - $89

These are a high waist, full-length legging designed by you! Made of durable, 4-way-stretch, moisture wicking fabric. Each one-of-a-kind work of art printed, hand cut, and sewn with love in Las Vegas, NV.

• Includes the designer’s own keepsake signature in the waistband.
• Your design is duplicated on the front and back.
• Super soft, curve-friendly, and 100% squat-proof.
• Fabric is black on the inside, not see-through!

Important note:
Legs are 3D and our templates are 2D (flat) – There may be some distortion or morphing of the artwork, particularly where the legs come together. 

Pricing scales by size:
Toddler 2T to 4T $49
Kids 5 to 12         $59
Junior 14 to 18 $69
Adult XS to XL $79
Adult 2XL to 5XL $89 

Size & Fit

Our leggings are in line with average US department store sizes. If you wear an 8, we recommend ordering an 8.

We recommend checking out our “introducing leggings” video which answers a lot of common questions!
These items are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, and non-returnable and non-refundable. 
If you’re not sure about what size to order after reviewing our size chart, please email us. We’ll do our best to work with you and answer any/all questions up front so that sizing isn’t a concern before you order. 

Fabric Care

Our leggings are made with a super soft, high-quality fabric.
88% Polyester 12% Spandex blend with 4-way stretch and moisture wicking finish. 

Follow wash & care instructions closely, and turn garment inside-out to wash for longest last of the garment.

– Machine wash cold for longest last
– Lay flat to dry

Since it’s already been touched by 385ºF heat to get your artwork on it, there is no discernible shrinkage to your garment.

While we encourage the use of “Anything you can imagine” there are a couple things that are good to know before you start designing:
• NEON: We currently do not have “neon” inks. While we are able to come close on some colors, neons do often get muted to their closest non-neon color.

• METALLICS: We do not have “metallic” inks. Metallic items can look really cool when printed, but it’s good to know that most shine or glitter effects show up as white or gray and create metallic or glitter effect from a distance but will look a bit strange up close. (Not bad, just strange.)

If your design leaves a lot of white space, please be sure to check out the “Fabric & Care” tab and preview this video.

We think our stuff works best when you fill the whole coloring sheet up with lots of color and imagination! One of the coolest features is that your design will be printed seam-to-seam, and duplicated front and back – so make use of all that space!

Take a look at our Facebook photo and video galleries to see tons of examples and get design inspiration!

1Print & Design

Print free coloring sheets, design them any way you can imagine!

2Picture This Magic

Upload a well-lit smartphone photo of your artwork to place your order.

3Rock Your Leggings​

We’ll send your creation back
ready to wear!

Print your coloring templates & get started!

GO DIGITAL! Try our layered Pro Templates.

Check out our new illustrated templates!

This is our 3rd time buying a custom dress for our daughter. She absolutely loves being able to wear her own creation! Jaimee went above and beyond for us too. I ordered a dress during the COVID madness with not a lot of time before our daughter's birthday and I was worried about how long shipping would take. I sent a message and she responded right away and she made sure that we received the dress on time. We highly recommend their product! We've done birthday dresses, and now even have matching dresses from Mothers Day. Thank you Jaimee for a wonderful experience!
Julie Sprague
Julie Sprague
21:11 27 May 20
Amazing company and amazing product!! Will recommend to everyone!
Kaitlyn Amato
Kaitlyn Amato
12:11 26 May 20
This is the best over! The smile on my son's face was priceless! Thank you! This is truly a wonderful idea!
Dana Buonadies
Dana Buonadies
10:37 26 May 20
My mind was blown at the quality and service! I ordered masks, and laid rocks and fossils on the template. It was photo-realistic! The customer artwork galleries are full of creative inspiration, and I can't wait to make more clothing here! Anything you design is such a great gift idea for so many occasions, and a super fulfilling design/art activity for kids, no matter the skill level.
Colleen Vandenberg
Colleen Vandenberg
04:35 25 May 20
My daughter was ecstatic about her dress. Comfortable material, and it fits her great. Very happy with how good it came out.
Rob Morawski
Rob Morawski
03:25 24 May 20
The dress came exactly as my child colored it. It was easy to do and shipped quickly. We will definitely do another one in the future.
Erin Zielke
Erin Zielke
01:22 20 May 20
My daughter loved being able to design and wear her own creation! it took us a few months to create and pick the perfect design, but once I uploaded the photo, the process was so quick. The dress arrived much sooner than I expected and it was perfect! We especially liked the inner seam of the dress with the instructions and my daughter's "designer" signature. We will definitely purchase again!
Melissa Elias Daken
Melissa Elias Daken
14:55 15 May 20
I have been fantasizing about making one of these shirts for a while now. Finally took the plunge and got gift certificates for my four kids. We did two dresses and two shirts and could not be happier with them! We received them quicker than we anticipated. The little extra touches made it an even more special experience. Plus I also received a personal note about one of the dresses that they had slight issues with to make sure that we were happy. I can’t wait to try it again, maybe one for myself this time😉
Megan Brekunitch
Megan Brekunitch
03:06 14 May 20
This was such a fun project for my 3 year old! She had a blast designing a shirt for her dad for Father's Day - and then one for herself of course. They love wearing their shirts together and this is going to be a sweet memory for years to come!
Amanda Seghetti
Amanda Seghetti
18:52 12 May 20
The kids are happy with their new masks, as well as mom! These were designed with the computer templates based on what the kids wanted. We ordered them on Monday they arrived today(Friday), but we do live in Vegas! We will definitely be ordering more!
Jenna Cherry
Jenna Cherry
01:47 09 May 20
I am a French teacher. In my classes, we make a lot of characters and stories together. I took some of our characters that we made in French 1 this year and had a dress made!! The students were so surprised when they saw their classroom characters on my dress! I am looking forward to wearing the dress at school and I am planning on having more made in the future!
Ashley Brannock
Ashley Brannock
21:22 28 Apr 20
I loved the process of designing my dress and seeing it come to life. Such a amazingly fun experience!
Kendra Marie
Kendra Marie
18:19 27 Apr 20
My daughter absolutely loves her dress! She was so excited to create her own design (with some help from mommy) and to see it come to life! It didn’t take long for us to receive the dress. The material is so soft and stretchy. I ordered a size up so she could wear it a little longer with the way she grows so fast. The price is higher than you would normally pay for a child’s dress, but being unique I’d say it’s totally worth it! Added bonus, on the inside hem it says, “Designed by:” and my child’s name she wrote herself. Definitely a keepsake. ❤️❤️❤️
Carrie Smith
Carrie Smith
14:38 26 Apr 20
My daughter loved the dress "she" created. Was exactly like her design she sent in. Highly recommend Picture This Clothing!
Paula Blake Kavanagh
Paula Blake Kavanagh
12:31 25 Apr 20
This was such a fun, easy, memorable project with my girls. My girls loved seeing all the examples on their social media pages and then sitting down to design their own. I loved that all I needed was my cell phone...no scanning, mailing, etc required! The dresses came quicker than expected and came with cute little surprises for the girls. Even the packaging is cute! Dresses are super soft, easy to wash (machine washable) and my daughter has worn it every day since she got it!
Caitlin Kowalski Ball
Caitlin Kowalski Ball
12:28 21 Apr 20
This is the second time ordering from Picture This Clothing. We love it! The process is fun and easy and so exciting! I don’t know who’s happier when the package comes, me or the girls? I would definitely recommend!
Jenny Sibs
Jenny Sibs
19:55 20 Apr 20
My 2 boys made shirts and my daughter made a dress. They came out perfectly and the fabric is super soft! The boys shirts run a bit small so we ordered a size up!
Colleen Henry Burgin
Colleen Henry Burgin
15:42 20 Apr 20
They are amazing! Our shirts came out awesome!
Kassandra Houston
Kassandra Houston
19:01 14 Apr 20
Wow! Picture This Clothing is the PERFECT art project for kids who are sheltering at home! A fabulous resource for self expression as well as a medium for connections to curriculum content! Give it a go!
Beth Tobia McGuire
Beth Tobia McGuire
01:30 14 Apr 20
This was such a fun project. The shirts are so soft .Highly recommend!
Shandi Evetts
Shandi Evetts
23:27 11 Apr 20
Taylor loves designing her own creations! Her most recent dress art project turned out perfect! Hope you guys get back to business soon after the lockdown! We love your company! We hope you can get back to helping our kids design their own clothes soon!
Carlin Putman
Carlin Putman
01:48 01 Apr 20
This was a Christmas gift for my 5 & 3yr old girls. They LOVED designing their own hats and wear them proudly!
Janice Hoppenreys
Janice Hoppenreys
15:46 29 Mar 20
My two daughters 8 an 4 thoroughly enjoyed designing their own dresses! They arrived within a week and they are beautiful! Can't wait for my girls to wear them 😍
Mandy Morin Kaufenberg
Mandy Morin Kaufenberg
19:52 27 Mar 20
This was an easy, fun project that both my 9 and 6 year olds enjoyed. They are already talking about what the next dresses should look like!
Amy Neher
Amy Neher
15:00 29 Feb 20

Care-Invested Details

Our leggings are made with love in the USA using a high-quality, 4-way stretch, black on the inside for modesty assurance, and moisture-wicking finish. 
Each one-of-a-kind work of art has the artist’s keepsake signature is printed in the hem of every piece they make.

Look at what other designers are doing!

View oodles of real customer examples on our Instagram and Facebook pages!
Play Video
Here is how your picture should look!
The picture you take is what we’ll print on the dress. We can fix some issuses but the foundation of a good dress is a good picture!
Photograph our Template, no Scans.
You need to use our template, to use pre-existing art please see this tutorial.
Good Light

Make sure to have a good source of natural light, outdoor lighting is best! Sunny or cloudy it’s the same. No flash is better.

No Wrinkles
Try also not to wrinkle the paper and keep the paper nice and flat on on
Steady Hands
Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!
Good Resolution
All recent smartphones have really good resolution, anything above 5MP will work great.
Nice & Close

Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!

Kids Size Waist Hip Inseam
2T 20″ 21″ 17″
3T 20.5″ 22″ 18″
4 21″ 23″ 19″
5 21.5″ 24″ 20.5
6 22″ 25″ 22″
7 22.5″ 26.5″ 23.5″
8 23″ 28″ 24.5″
10 24″ 30″ 25.5″
12 25″ 32″ 26″
14 26.5 34″ 27″
16 28″ 36″ 27.5″
18 30″ 38″ 28″
Women’s Size Waist Hip Inseam
XS 28″ 34″ 27″
S 30″ 36″ 27″
M 32″ 38″ 27″
L 34″ 40″ 27″
XL 36″ 42″ 27.1″
2XL 38″ 44″ 27.1″
3XL 40″ 46″ 27.3″
4XL 42″ 48″ 27.3″
5XL 44″ 50″ 27.5″
Doll’s Size Waist Hip Inseam
One Size
(Fits American Doll Size)
10.5″ 13″ 7.5″


Outside US order by Nov 29th, Inside US order by Dec 18th.
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