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Fuzzy Throw-Blanket


one-of-a-kind lightweight, fuzzy-soft, single-layer throw blanket designed by you!
Sizes & Prices:

Large (60″x77″) – $99
Twin-bed topper or snuggle-sized blanket.

Small (46″x60″) – $79
Couch-throw or large pet-sized blanket.

18″ Doll Add-on (17″x22″) – $19
Available only during checkout – 18″ doll, stuffie or small pet-sized.

• Designs printed one-side only, back side is white.
• Back-side of hem includes artist’s keepsake signature + wash & care detail.
• Thoughtfully hemmed on all four sides

Picture This throw-blankets are made from a micro-poly “minky” double-sided pile polyester fleece.

See the “Before You Design” section below for even more helpful info.

Follow wash & care instructions closely.

Machine wash in COLD water. Putting heat on the blanket will melt the blanket’s fibers together and your blanket will lose its softness.

– Machine wash cold
– Tumble dry air
   (hang dry, then tumble on “air” to fluff)
– Do not dry clean
– Do not bleach
– Snuggle with a smile

While we encourage the use of “Anything you can imagine” there are a couple things that are good to know before you start designing:

• IT’S FUZZY: This means sometimes the printed picture will have texture to it, and the texture can move around slightly. We do our best, but sometimes little bitty white-patches or lines can occur. And sometimes fuzzy little bits will come-away at the seams until it’s been washed a few times.

• NEON: We do not have “neon” inks. While we are able to come close on some colors, neons do often get muted to their closest non-neon color.

• METALLICS: We do not have “metallic” inks. Metallic items can look really cool (and even metallic) when printed, but it’s good to know that most shine or glitter effects show up as white or gray and create metallic or glitter effect from a distance but will look a bit strange up close. (Not bad, just strange.) 

One of the coolest features is that your design is printed before it’s sewn so your image can run seam-to-seam! And, your signature is going to be printed on the back hem so, design, sign, and make use of all that space!

Take a look at our Facebook photo and video galleries to see tons of examples and get design inspiration!

Print as many free coloring templates as you wish, design them any way you can imagine!
Upload a well-lit smartphone photo of your artwork here on our site to place your order.

Get ready to snuggle with your one-of-a-kind creation!

Print your blanket coloring templates & get started!

GO DIGITAL! Try our layered Pro Templates.

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Amelia Brooks
Amelia Brooks
02:58 16 Jul 23
Love this! Little pricey, but so fun and the kids loved it. The dresses came out awesome!
Angela Rigo
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13:00 31 May 23
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Monnamere Obakeng
Monnamere Obakeng
09:45 28 May 23
Such great quality and fast service!!! My daughter was so happy!
Hannah Creviston
Hannah Creviston
16:14 02 Jan 23
What an amazing way to showcase your art or art from a loved one!
I highly recommend Picture This Clothing for anyone who wants a fun and unique gift to give to that creative person in their lives. I made a mistake getting my dress for my little one who designed a wonderful dress. I sent an email to who I thought would just be an automated response but Jaimee was the one who answered my question. She was quick to respond and quickly fixed my mistake. She was wonderful to work with. The dress came quickly and is exactly what my daughter drew up. Thanks again Jaimee and Picture This Clothing for an amazing experience all around!!
Marie Ring
Marie Ring
23:30 15 Dec 22
2 years ago for Christmas, I got my nieces gift codes to make custom dresses. They loved it so much we are going on Christmas #3 of Picture This dresses. They feel so special wearing their own designs
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Erica James
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Zama Mambongwe
Zama Mambongwe
14:51 28 Sep 22
So great to see the small details and textures of my daughter’s coloring! It’s been washed once already and holding up great.
Rachel Aleksander
Rachel Aleksander
22:07 05 Jun 22
I emailed the company asking about shipping and that I needed the dress before a certain date. They responded quickly and even told me to email them once I placed the order so they could place a rush on it!!! It arrived and I fell in love instantly. My students and their parents all loved it and were so happy. I received compliments from other teachers all day!!! I’ll definitely be ordering a dress every year as long as they’re in business.
Chaka N. Coleman
Chaka N. Coleman
21:32 16 May 22
This is such a fun & cute gift! The company did a great job re-creating their art on the dresses. My girls loved how soft the material is. Highly recommend:)
Cindy McAllister
Cindy McAllister
13:24 08 May 22
Leading up to Christmas, my 4 year old kept drawing pictures of dresses and saying she wanted those dresses for Christmas. I did some research and came across Picture This Clothing. She and I spent almost 2 hours designing her dress together, and she was engaged the whole time. She's basically lived in the dress since it arrived. Awesome idea, so much fun, great end product. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Erin Robbins
Erin Robbins
15:27 30 Jan 22
My daughter received a dress to design as a gift from her grandparents. She loves it and gets many compliments on it! Great experience!
Melissa Kramer
Melissa Kramer
16:13 16 Jan 22
Super fun way to take art and make it into a keepsake,
the Beanie is super soft.
Elyse Schmid Acker
Elyse Schmid Acker
06:04 15 Jan 22
I got my granddaughter the gift of “Picture this Clothing “ dress last Christmas and she loved it! The dress came out great. I just bought her little sister one for her January birthday.. she will be so happy!
Trina T. Kriss
Trina T. Kriss
01:55 14 Dec 21
I found these guys to be incredibly helpful in the process, directions simple, delivery super fast and made an extra effort to help me locate a year old gift certificate my granddaughter lost. Definitely recommended!!
Deb White Farrell
Deb White Farrell
15:50 29 Nov 21
The dress was a birthday present for my little girl. It turned out fantastic and she loved it.
Devon Cox Lemons
Devon Cox Lemons
18:10 03 Oct 21
Absolutely AMAZING experience!!! My daughter’s artwork turned into a beautiful dress!!! Highly recommend!!!
Sarah Holper Perros
Sarah Holper Perros
01:41 28 Sep 21
My daughter loved her dress for herself and her American Girl doll!! I will definitely recommend and order from you guys again! Thank you!
Stacy Thompson Burger
Stacy Thompson Burger
00:54 14 Sep 21
Super fun product. My 7 year old got this for her birthday and couldn't wait to design and wear her dress. The process was easy, we received it within days and she really loves it. The dress is soft and comfortable. I would definitely recommend and would purchase again. Thanks!
Kena Cook
Kena Cook
23:10 07 Sep 21
So creative and fun!! Great way to make someone feel appreciated and special 🙂
Lisa Chastain
Lisa Chastain
21:01 05 Aug 21

Care-Invested Details

Made with love in the USA using a high quality, lightweight, soft, and machine-washable fabric. Care instructions and your keepsake signature printed on the hem (back-side of blanket).

Play Video
Here is how your picture should look!
The picture you take is what we’ll print on the dress. We can fix some issuses but the foundation of a good dress is a good picture!
Photograph our Template, no Scans.
You need to use our template, to use pre-existing art please see this tutorial.
Good Light

Make sure to have a good source of natural light, outdoor lighting is best! Sunny or cloudy it’s the same. No flash is better.

No Wrinkles
Try also not to wrinkle the paper and keep the paper nice and flat on on
Steady Hands
Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!
Good Resolution
All recent smartphones have really good resolution, anything above 5MP will work great.
Nice & Close

Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!

Size Size Price
Twin-bed Topper 60’’x77" $99
Toddler-bed Topper 46’’x60" $79
Doll/Small Pet Sized Add-on 17’’x22" $19