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Challenge + Giveaway Theme


It’s time for our next $49 Gift Certificate Giveaway! Games, rides, food, friends, FUN! We are excited to see what amazing and creative Carnival/Fair-inspired designs you come up with! 🙂

Upload your designs here by midnight PT on 07/23. Winner will be announced by 7/31 and contacted via email.

Entries must be designed on one of our templates to be entered in the drawing.
Go crazy, they’re free!

Use the posted theme as inspiration for your design, don’t forget to sign your name!
What ideas can you dream up?

Upload your entry (all dates noted at top of this page) for a chance to win a PTC gift certificate valued at $49 USD, + free shipping!

Need some ideas + inspiration? Check out these entries from previous giveaways!

Contest Rules, Terms, and Notes:

What can I win?
A Picture This Clothing gift certificate valued at $49 USD + Free US shipping, good toward anything in our store that you’d like to create! 

Who can enter?
Anyone can enter regardless of age or location.
Participants outside the US will be solely responsible for the cost of shipping and any customs/duty VAT that may be applicable upon arrival of your parcel.

Start and end dates:
Dates for each drawing are posted at the top of this page near the theme.

How to Enter:
Print free Picture This Clothing templates (digital templates are available), design and sign (first name and last initial), upload.

Rules & Legal Bits:
• Relevant-themed entries must be received through this contest page.
• One entery per person, per email address. Families with multiple kids can use the same parent email address for each child.

• While we are extremely flexible with purchased gift certificate expiration dates, Giveaway-awarded Gift Certificates will have a concrete expiration date noted directly beneath the Magic Code, and cannot be reset.
• Gift certificates cannot be used to buy gift certificates.
• Entries may be rejected for any reason at our sole discretion, without entrant recourse.
• This is a family show, keep it clean & kind. Those that aren’t will be deleted.

• Any entries determined to be abusive, harmful, or out-of-line with Picture This Clothing’s Terms of Use may be deleted and entrant may be flagged or permanently banned from future entry.
• All approved entries are shared publicly on our Facebook page, please do not include any personal information other than your name and last initial on your entry template.

Play Video
Here is how your picture should look!
The picture you take is what we’ll print on the dress. We can fix some issuses but the foundation of a good dress is a good picture!
Photograph our Template, no Scans.
You need to use our template, to use pre-existing art please see this tutorial.
Good Light

Make sure to have a good source of natural light, outdoor lighting is best! Sunny or cloudy it’s the same. No flash is better.

No Wrinkles
Try also not to wrinkle the paper and keep the paper nice and flat on on
Steady Hands
Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!
Good Resolution
All recent smartphones have really good resolution, anything above 5MP will work great.
Nice & Close

Make sure the picture is nicely in focus and sharp! The sharper the picture, the better the dress!