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OK! It’s time for an update on the short books. While I actually finished the text for my first one a while back and thought I was ready to move on to the second book, I really had a ton of editing to do still, and somewhere along the way, I completely changed the size and cover design. The good news is: Yesterday I made the pre-order announcement for my “12 ways to be better to work with” book! WooHOO!

I’m waiting on the print tests to come back to confirm the paper that’ll be used for the final book but it is print-ready levels of DONE. If there are no delays with the print order coming in on time (shipping times have been super questionable lately but fingers are crossed), I should be shipping physical books by the first week of December. I’m doing Pre-orders through Nov 30. and I’ll sign each of those before shipping.

This one is not a coffee-doodle book but rather one about interpersonal skills.

12 ways to be better to work with, Front cover

It’s a book I started before we announced Picture This Clothing in 2016. When that launched with a viral boom, it put everything else in our family’s lives on hold while we focused on turning that idea into a real company. Now that PTC is chugging along, I’ve made time to finish a few things that got left open.

I used to do conference talks and workshops for designer and developer leadership teams after working in the product design/dev space for a long, long time. Folks always requested my slides or takeaways they could share with their teams. Getting to the finish line with this book has taken a lot of work and help from others.
Upon my husband Ken’s recommendation, I hired hand lettering artist Simon Walker to create a logo for my Coffee With Jaimee side project, when I saw his beautiful logo work, I thought he should do the cover art, too! And for the book layout, something I know absolutely nothing about, I’ve been swapping out mentoring sessions for design work from an AMAZING designer named Cat Lo, who I worked with many years ago. I have no idea how I’d have made it to the finish line without help! 

If you’re interested in more info on my first little book, you can check it out on my personal website. My next two book projects are also mentioned there.

It’s been exciting to share this lil’ book journey with you as I go while also maintaining a blog post once per month. 🙂
Lots of personal milestones are happening! I’ll have more to announce in the coming months.

Thank you for following along!

Co-founder, Picture This Clothing