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No Scanned Images – Here’s Why…

No scans

We’ve made a site update that will reject PDF files moving forward.
Please, please don’t use a scanned PDF and change the file name to JPG.

The reason for this change is that for every 100 scanned images we receive, 99 have to be sent back because the bright light from the scanner has erased areas of the artwork, or has changed colors of the artwork (aka: blown out the artwork). Scanned images are no bueno.
We recommend using a JPG or PNG image taken with a smartphone or a good digital camera.
Smartphones will by default take a high resolution image, so we recommend using the image directly from the smartphone, not a compressed version of it.

We LOVE making this stuff and we genuinely want to give you our best work. Help us by sending the best possible version of your artist’s artwork. <3

Thank you!

The Team at Picture This Clothing

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