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How To “Picture This”


Where do you start? What’s involved? How do you get your kid’s imagination in wearable fashion form?

Step 1: Start at Picture This Clothing.

Print your preferred size of Picture This Clothing Dress or T-shirt template.


Step 2: Gather Art Supplies

We show only crayons here, but you can really get creative with this template. We’ve had customers use candy, paint, chalk, markers, buttons, guitar picks, paper, stickers, foods, photographs, their own hands, and more. Your imagination is the limit – get crazy! Anything you can place on top of the template and photograph, we can put on your dress.


Step 3: Let Your Kid Unleash Imagination All Over It…

(Ok, kids started school today, I had no kid models.)
P.S., Want to use existing artwork? Read this.


STEP 4: Take a Good Photo of the Finished Art. Here are a Few Tips:
(watch short video about taking a good photo)

Step 4 — Tip 1: 
Find a well-lit area. Don’t be afraid to get up good and close. We find that going outside works pretty well, too if it’s a sunny day where you are.


Step 4 — Tip 2:
Frame it up so the paper fills your camera view screen. All the way to the edges!


Step 4 — Tip 3:
Be mindful of your angle / perspective. Your template is literally a miniature version of your shirt or dress pattern, the more squared-up you are, the more accurately your art is going to translate onto the final product.


Step 4 — Tip 4:
Don’t go too far away, or get too fancy with your perspective. These ones, unfortunately, we have to bug you for re-takes.


Step 4 — Tip #5:
If it’s super wrinkly (cuz’… kids), flatten it out the best you can. The wrinkles print, too. And sometimes they translate more like dirty bits on the garment. Sometimes they translate into really cool dimension-giving texture!
Aim for as much even color/lighting as you can. The whiter the whites of your paper, the better!


Step 4 — Tip#6:
Beware the hand shadow! Sometimes when you’re trying to get up close on something and get a good photo, your hand casts a shadow right on top of what you’re photoing. 🙁
Unless you love it and want it printed on your dress, no shadows.


Once you’ve got your super nice photo of your AMAZING dress or shirt design, upload it on our site. Give us approximately 30 days to get this hot ticket dropped into the mail for you, and you’ll have the most unique, custom printed, cut and sewn article of clothing you’ve ever rocked!

Note: The dress from this post hasn’t been printed yet, I did this whole thing to share some tips for making the best possible version of your very own dress from Picture This Clothing. ❤

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