Grownup Dress Giveaway Has Ended!

Our July giveaway ended on July 22, you can check out who won on our Facebook page! We’re coming up on our 1 year anniversary in mid-August, so check back for another giveaway – there’s sure to be something here. <3


1 Print & Design

Print our special giveaway template and get that imagination fired up!

2 Submit Your Design

Follow the entry rules closely, enter as many designs as you like!

3 Stay tuned!

Watch our drawing via Facebook Live broadcast on July 22, at 2pm Pacific to see if you’ve won!

Giveaway Rules

  • This giveaway has ended, so these rules don’t mean a whole lot.

  • We’ll update these to entirely new rules with our next giveaway!

  • Wait… are you still reading these?

  • Did you know Zebras run from side to side to being chased by a predator? They also have excellent eyesight and hearing and they stand up while sleeping.

  • Do you have a favorite animal? You should tell us what it is!

  • Better yet, DRAW WHAT IT IS on your own dress or shirt!

Keep an eye out for our next giveaway. We’re sure to have one in mid-August.

Print as many templates as you need!

Dress Template

Check out what other designers are doing!

View oodles of real customer examples on our Instagram and Facebook pages! #picturethisclothing